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Use colours to highlight text


Use colours to make it easier to differentiate between different parts of text. You can:

  • Highlight key words and phrases with a different colour
  • Highlight titles and sections with different colours
  • Use colours to differentiate between topics (for instance, instructions in green and explanations in blue)

Be aware that some people cannot differentiate between colours. So you should never rely on colours only for essential information. For example, mark the text you’re highlighting in bold, as well.

Related difficulties and strategies 

Being faced with a wall of text is one of the most distressing things for someone with a reading difficulty such as dyslexia.

With colours such a person can immediately see what’s important in the text. Also, they are more likely to read the text because they see it as a manageable task.


All you need to do this is the colour button in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. All other word processing software will also let you use colours.

Colour printers are now much cheaper to buy and to use. It is a worthwhile investment.