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Use audio instead of written text


Offer an audio alternative to reading as much as possible. This will increase comprehension greatly. You can:

  • Record someone reading a document
  • Read a document out load to someone
  • Set up a system of people reading or recording documents for each other
  • Use text-to-speech on the computer (if available) to have the computer read out the text

Note: Many people will benefit from reading a text while hearing it read out by someone. Others will find it too much.

Related difficulties and strategies 

People with dyslexia struggle with decoding written information. Sometimes they read so slowly that they forget what was at the start of a sentence. But dyslexia does not mean that the person has any trouble understanding.

By giving an audio alternative, you can help someone understand even a complicated document.

Others will also benefit from hearing a document read out. 


Sometimes you only need a person willing to spend a little extra time to read things out loud to someone.

If you have access to a tape recorder, you can create a collection of recordings of key documents.

Ideally, you would want to use a computer to record the readings. Most laptops will have a microphone and basic recording software.

If you want to try text-to-speech, you may have to install some software. But you can also use an online service to read out text to you. Robobraille will even send you an email.