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Present information in small chunks


Don’t put text into large paragraphs. Make sure each important piece of information is in its own chunk of text. You can:

  • Use bullets for lists
  • Use much shorter paragraphs
  • Use titles for each section and subsection of your document
  • Use diagrams to display information in many steps
  • Cut out as much extraneous repeating language. For example:
    • start lists of goals with verbs and not “to”
    • cut out unnecessary hedges like “you might”

Related difficulties and strategies 

Small chunks of text will be beneficial to anyone with processing difficulties.

People with dyslexia will have to deal with less stress of trying to decode too much text.

People with a learning disability or autism will benefit from not having to sort out too many things from each other.


This is a strategy that does not require any resources but can be extremely effective.

You will have to train yourself to do more with less. It may feel strange to cut out unnecessary language or to put too many headings in your text. But it is worth it.