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What do I do?

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Use audio instead of written text

Offer an audio alternative to reading as much as possible. This will increase comprehension greatly. You can:

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Ask to repeat instructions

One of the most useless questions you can ask of someone is “Do you understand”? They will probably say “yes” to please you. Instead you should check for understanding.

You can ask someone to:

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Schedule to include travel time

When scheduling appointments for someone who struggles with organisation, make sure you include travel time it takes to get to the appointment. You can:

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Use friendly text formatting

There are five basic things you should NOT do to make text accessible. And five things you should do.

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Present information in small chunks

Don’t put text into large paragraphs. Make sure each important piece of information is in its own chunk of text. You can:

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Use symbols and images with text

Don’t just use plain text. Use symbols and pictures to illustrate and differentiate. You can:

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Use colours to highlight text

Use colours to make it easier to differentiate between different parts of text. You can:

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Give extra time to process

This strategy can be implemented in many ways. You can:

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Present lists in mindmaps

Mindmaps are a way to break down difficult concepts. Instead of writing a long text, simply draw the key points on a piece of paper and make connections between them.

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Easy read

Easy read is an approach to creating documents accessible to as many people as possible. It uses:

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