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BHCohaviour Freelance trainer practitioner and consultant

Address: 110 Frog Grove Lane Wood Street Village Guildford Surrey GU3 3HA

Tel no / email: 07818515295 bonny.holland@gmail.com

What service do you provide:

  1. Facilitator for Restorative Justice Cases where at least one person affected has ASD.
  2. Advice and guidance for practitioners seeking specialist support when a participant has ASD.
  3. Training for practitioners and training for trainers in inclusive restorative practices.

Who do you provide it for:

  1. Disability Awareness training in relation to making Restorative Justice Inclusive practice
  2. Consultancy re case management (Restorative Justice Practice)
  3. Advisory support for YOT intensive support teams
  4. Specialising in ASD, autism, Aspergers, LD, SLCN, ADHD


Address: 9/10, Commerce Park,  Brunel Road, Theale, RG7 4AB
Tel no / email: 07798743055 julian.yates@waymarks.org.uk

What service do you provide:

We are a national specialist service for people who have a learning disability who are at risk of offending. We have services across the UK.

We provide 3 services:

  1. Community based supported living and registered care services to directly support people
  2. Specialist education through our accredited education centre
  3. Consultancy services

Who do you provide it for:

  1. People who have a learning disability who are at risk of offending
  2. Other services who support people outlined in number 1
  3. Colleges, Universities and bespoke training to organisations, clinicians and commissioners