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Examples of Easy Read documents in use in the Criminal Justice System

Here are some examples of Easy Read documents being used with offenders. They are grouped into categories below.

For (general) Easy Read leaflets on a wide range of healthcare issues you can visit the 'Easy Health' website at www.easyhealth.org.uk. You can download relevant information for your healthcare waiting room and for individual patients'/offenders' needs.

You can also visit the 'Books Beyond Words' website to view the series of booklets they have produced. These are designed to explain certain topics via pictures only - for people with learning disabilities (with a person supporting them to understand the pictures). Criminal Justice related titles include, 'You're under Arrest,' 'You're Going to Court,' and the more recently launched 'You're in Prison' (2013). For more information or to order a copy you can visit their website at:www.booksbeyondwords.co.uk 

For information on producing your own Easy Read documents using Criminal Justice images please click here. You will also find information and links regarding commissioning a professionally designed Easy Read document and also getting service user feedback on documents.

If you have any examples of 'Easy Read in the CJS' documents you would like to share to help promote good practice, please send them to Neisha.Betts@KeyRing.org