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HMYOI Lancaster Farms

The Equalities Department produced an 'Easy Read' induction booklet to be issued upon reception. The book reiterates that, if in doubt, speak to staff. The issue of the book is also documented on c'nomis and the personal care need section.

HMP Whatton, New Lane, Whatton, Notts

Email:  Georgina.Smith@hmps.gsi.gov.uk

A) Facilities list now includes a pictoral representation of each item.

B) We are currently working on an audio CD for the Induction package. This will consist of a collection of discs such as IEP scheme or Employment and Activities. These will be held in the prison library and can be borrowed in the same way as a book. We are currently looking at a protocol for "prisoner notices". Also we have a multi-media screen and TV channel with pictoral/ easy read support.