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What is it? 

A person with dyslexia will find it hard to read accurately and fluently. This means that they will be very slow when you give them something read. However, they will not have a problem understanding the text when you read it out them (unless they also have another difficulty which is not uncommon).

What to look out for 

A person with dyslexia will seem to understand you perfectly when you explain something but will find it hard to follow the same content in writing. Often a person with dyslexia will also seem to 'mangle' difficult words, especially when you ask them to speak suddenly. 

Because of their short term memory difficulties, dyslexic people will also struggle with following instructions when given in rapid order.

Who can help? 

Dyslexia Action and British Dyslexia Association can refer you to more resources in your area. There are also many local charities that focus on helping people with dyslexia.