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What are the signs

Title Description
Can't do numbers in their head

Your client cannot do calculations in their mind. They either have to write things down, use fingers or a calculator.

Confuses order of days or months

Your client seems unsure about the order of things like days or month. When you say something happens on Thursday, they may not immediately understand that the thing that happens on Monday is before.

Struggles for words

Your client often struggles for words. This is very obvious when you quickly switch a topic or ask them to complete a sentence. 

Socially naive

Sometimes a person may appear very naive in social situations. They may respond with strange patterns, be too friendly or too remote. This may make them hard or even stressful to communicate with.

Mispronounces words

Your client seems to randomly mispronounce some words. This does not seem to be because of a speech impediment. It is not because they are sloppy because most of their speech is fine and at a normal speed.

Avoids reading

Your client seems to do everything possible to avoid reading. They will want to take any text away to avoid reading it in front of you. 

Slow reader

Your client seems to take a really long time to read even short texts. It may almost seem that they are dragging it out. 

Really bad handwriting

Handwriting that is almost impossible to read and jumps all over the page.

Always late

Your client is always late for meetings no matter how important.